Bursary Scheme

Primary and Community Care Early Researcher Bursary Scheme

The Early Researcher Bursary Scheme is open to anyone providing NHS services in Primary or Community Care and any employee of Public Health organisations in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The Bursary Scheme enables individuals to:

·    Acquire research skills – suitable for those new to research or with little research experience

·    Develop research skills – suitable for those who have done some research training or courses and want to hone their skills in working with published literature

·    Apply research skills – for those who have significant experience and are interested in developing a research career or contributing significantly to a research application.

The scheme has three tiers (see table below), all now open for applications.

Guidance and the applications forms are available on the Tier 1 and Tier 2 pages.

If you are interested in applying for a Tier 3 Bursay, please contact Dr Judy Henwood in the first instance by emailing SNCCG.ResearchDevelopment@nhs.net

Each Tier provides different amounts of funding, and as such has applicants are expected to achieve different outcomes, as detailed in the table below:

The scheme

Funding available

Expected outputs

Tier 1

Acquire skills

Attend course; mentorship from Development team.

Up to £3,000 per award

The Research Office would cover some or all the costs of providing clinical back fill, the employing organisation covers the cost of the course using CPD funds.

Brief report on experience and progress, and ideas for next steps.

Tier 2

Develop acquired skills

3 – 6 months’ one day per week secondment to the Research Office to develop reviewing and analytical skills.

Up to £7,000 per award

Full or partial costs of clinical back fill covered.

Supervision from the Development team.

Preparation of a briefing document, report or full literature review; identification of research / evidence gaps to inform research design.

Tier 3

Apply developed skills

Secondment of 1 day/ week for up to 1 year to a research team and academic mentor.

Up to £12,000 per award

Full or partial costs of clinical back fill covered and 1hr per week of an academic mentor.

Development and submission of NIHR research proposal with the appropriate NHS organisation as lead/sponsor OR submission of NIHR doctoral research fellowship.