Funded research

Here you will find information on current research projects where the Research Office supported the development and management of the research and where NHS South Norfolk CCG is the NHS host and contractor.

Title    Chief investigatorFunderFunding awardedStart date- end date Brief overview Contractor    
Goal Plan: Goal-setting in care planning for people with multimorbidity: feasibility study and intervention refinement. Professor Nick Steel

Clinical Professor in Public Health,

University of East Anglia
NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
£242, 786 01/11/2016-
 We want to know if adding more goal-setting into the standard care plan will improve the health of people with more than one medical condition.  However, before we can run a full trial, we need to test the ideas in this small ‘feasibility’ study. This ‘feasibility’ study will compare two groups, patients who have standard care planning, and patients who have care planning plus extra goal-setting. The study will involve 3 general practices in the ‘standard care planning’ and another 3 in the ‘care planning plus goal-setting’ arm of the study, with about 60 patients in total.NHS South Norfolk CCG
CADDY. Dementia undetected or undiagnosed in primary care: the prevalence, causes and consequences.           Dr George Savva

Senior Lecturer

University of East Anglia
NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research

£353, 923 01/01/2016-31/12/2017 CADDY aims to estimate the prevelance and distribution of dementia that is not known to primary care among the English population aged 65 and older. The study will use data from the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study 2 (CFAS II), which includes more than 60 individuals with a srtudy diagnosis of dementia.
The study aims to link CFAS II validated dementia assessments ('study diagnoses') with mentions of cognitive complaints and dementia diagnoses found on primary care records ('clinical diagnoses').
NHS South Norfolk CCG
Care Home Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Service (CHIPPS): Development and delivery of a cluster randomised controlled trial to determine both its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.    Professor David Wright

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

University of East Anglia    
 NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research     £1,985, 354 01/05/2015-
Medicines use in care homes has been shown to be suboptimal and it has been suggested that to address this, one person should assume overall responsibility for medicines management in a care home. 

CHIPPS - The Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS), is a 5-year, NIHR-funded research programme, which proposes that a suitable model for appropriate medicines management in care homes is a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber, who would assume responsibility for repeat prescriptions’ monitoring and authorising and overall management of medicines in the care home.

The PIP would use personal pharmaceutical care plans (PCPs) to communicate prescribing decisions and plans between members of the care team.

CHIPPS is developing this innovative new model of care and then testing it in a feasibility study before completing a Randomised Controlled Trial.
NHS South Norfolk CCG