PPIRes for Academics and NHS Staff

The PPIRes project gives you the opportunity to talk to a panel of interested and enthusiastic volunteers who are willing and able to assist you at all stages of the research process.

All volunteers are offered the opportunity of attending training to learn about stages in research and how they could contribute. Volunteers have been recruited from a wide range of backgrounds and many have used health services extensively and have a disability or play a caring role. We also have details of organisations, which may be able to help to identify individuals with particular experiences to contribute.

To achieve Gold standard Public and Patient involvement in the design of your study we would recommend that you allow a minimum of two months from initial contact with PPIRes to the date of your application submission, PPIRes involvement can be provided over a shorter period, but the PPI evidence being submitted in your application will not hold the same weight as a fully collaborative approach over a longer period of time.


Why involve patients and carers?
It brings in another point of view - patients know a great deal about their conditions and the impact it can have on their lives and that of their carers. Their perspective can add a great deal on the validity of an idea, the participant recruitment strategy through to dissemination and it is normally required by funders. They also:
  • Want to be involved and can add value to all stages of research
  • Can review documents to give a lay perspective
  • Can help to ensure questions and issues of relevance to the community are included
  • Can assist in dissemination of findings
  • Will help with writing your findings in lay language

What roles can the public play?

  • Suggesting the questions that need answering
  • ‘Fine-tuning’ the direction of the study
  • Helping to design the study
  • Asking the questions that the public would need answering
  • Challenging potential ethical issues
  • Help with appropriate information for participants
  • Coming to steering groups to advise the researchers
  • Sharing ideas on how to publicise the study
  • Helping to disseminate the findings
    and more! 

What can the PPIRes team do for you?

  • Set up an Initial meeting with our coordinator to tailor the use of PPIRes resources for your study
  • Organise group members attendance for discussion group meetings
  • Organise targeted review of your documents via post/email
  • Facilitate discussion group meetings (as required)
  • Pay for group member expenses to be involved in your study, making our involvement Free to you at this stage (development stage only)
  • Administering the PPI part of the funding grant (NNUH studies only) reducing your workload
Please contact the PPIRes team for further information or complete the Initial Research Request for PPIRes Involvement form below and send to snccg.ppiresoffice@nhs.net.