Research Delivery

Primary Care
The Research Office hosts the CRN Eastern Division 5 Primary Care team for Norfolk and Waveney, and works closely with the Suffolk coordinator who is based near Ipswich. Contact details for all staff can be found here.
The delivery team will assist in placing your portfolio study in practices, as well as potentially helping practices to recruit participants.
CRN Eastern has a number of SOPs relating to working in primary care and these can be found on their website

Practice participation in research in Norfolk and Suffolk is at an extremely high level at 85% in 2013/14. Two of the seven CCGs achieved 100% in research participation.
In addition, 63 practices were on Research Site Initiative (RSI) contracts in 2013/14 so enthusiasm for research is evident in this area.
Practices regularly recruit well to studies and participation in commercial research is increasing at a fast pace.

Community Care
Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust is increasing its research capacity all the time and more services than ever before are taking on research studies. In 2013/14 the Trust placed 7th out of 24 community organisations for recruitment to portfolio studies. The Trust has also taken on commercial studies and has successfully delivered to these. The office works closely with the research facilitator at the Trust whose contact details can be found here.
East Coast Community Healthcare CIC, as a social enterprise, is a relatively young organisation but has already delivered to portfolio studies and is looking to build on this promising start by taking on more studies, A list of services provided by ECCH can be found here. If you would like to take your study to East Coast please contact the Research Office at in the first instance.