Research Development

The Research Development Team has several major streams of work which support the overarching aim of the Research Office to ensure that research is robust, generalisable throughout the NHS and of benefit to patients. We also develop research capacity amongst interested NHS staff and forge strong, mutually beneficial links between health practitioners and academics.

To that end we:

·  Support the design and development of robust primary and community care relevant research proposals for submission to peer-reviewed, nationally competitive funding streams, including NIHR.

·  Advise on NHS-related costs of research, and costs attribution using AcoRD.
·  Work with CCGs to ensure locally developed research fits with commissioning priorities.

·  Help to identify the best funding stream for potential research projects.

·  Build robust teams of academics, healthcare professionals and commissioners as appropriate.

·  Support the development of research capacity within primary and community care in Norfolk and Suffolk via the Bursary Scheme.

·  Award Research Capability Funding  to support the development of research applications, usually, but not exclusively, to academic teams

·  Work with commissioning organisations to advise on and carry out evaluations of services to support evidence based commissioning 

·  Organise events that disseminate research results directly to healthcare practitioners and commissioners to support rapid adoption into practice.

For further information on any aspect of research development please contact the Research Development team.

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