Team Biographies

Dr Judy Henwood, Research Design Lead
Judy gained her BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Durham University and her PhD in Molecular Immunology from the University of Birmingham. Judy obtained two fellowships (Wellcome Travelling Fellowship and EU Human Capital and Mobility Fellowship) to fund her post-doctoral work into T-cell repertoire development in Type III Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome at Leiden University Medical Centre, followed by a Wellcome Research Career Development Fellowship at the University of Leeds, working on T-cell repertoire development in DiGeorge Syndrome. Since then, she has worked in education in Switzerland and as a consultant to the Scottish Stem Cell Network and Wellcome Library. She joined the Research Office in 2009 and has forged links with academics and healthcare professionals to develop research and research capacity in the region.  

Dr Clara Yates, Research Grants Advisor

Clara received her BSc in Biomedicine from the University of East Anglia and her PhD in Inflammation Biology from the University of Birmingham. Clara completed 5 years post-doctoral work at the University of Birmingham which involved using novel cell based assays to study the process by which white blood cells move from the blood into tissue. Clara was particularly interested in how this movement is altered during chronic inflammatory disease or following a traumatic injury. She moved to Norwich to take up the post of Research Grants Advisor in March 2014. A list of Clara's research publications can be found here.  
Lisa Osborne, Research and Development Administrator

Lisa has a First and National Diploma in Business and Finance along with 9 ½ years NHS experience, previously working within Procurement & EU Tendering.  Lisa joined the Research and Development team in March 2015, as R&D Administrator supporting Dr Tracy Shalom, Dr Judy Henwood and the Development Team.