Contracts and Costs

The Research Office provides support and guidance for practices and community care organisations to ensure that any contracts are appropriate for use.
Contracts - where contracts are needed, the office encourages the use of the appropriate model contract without modification. These have been developed and agreed between the NHS and industry to meet the needs of both parties and the use of these will reduce time for contracts to be agreed.
Model contracts can be found on the UK Clinical Research Collaboration website. Please remember to use the primary care clinical trial agreement for research within general practices. Whilst the Research Office provide support to practices and community organisations in contracting, it is ultimately their responsibility to agree the contract.
Commercial Costs - Commercial sponsors should use the correct industry costing template to cost out each study. Please use the primary care template for primary care studies. The office will assist sites in reviewing the costing template to ensure costs are commensurate with activity.
Non-commercial costs - The Research Office will review costs alongside the research application. Details of the various types of costs in research can be found here. Please provide research costs and treatment costs, as well as any support costs which have been calculated. If activities do incur service support costs these need to be applied for, through CRN Eastern, by the study team. Guidance and the application form can be found here; please speak to the research office about this prior to submitting.