Why do we do research?

Why do we do Research?

Research is an integral part of the NHS and, when of a high quality, it can help drive service change and lead to improved patient outcomes.


Research helps identify and provide the best possible care for patients and their families, it helps improve services and treatments. Through research, we also increase our knowledge of illnesses and what it is like to live with them and what patients think about their services.

The National Institute for Health Research and the University of Leeds have produced this YouTube video entitled 'What is Clinical Research?'. In the video people involved in various parts of the clinical research process each give their thoughts on what the term ‘clinical research’ means to them.


The Research Office

We help facilitate the undertaking of research in primary and community care organisations across Norfolk and Suffolk. We take a holistic approach to research and, alongside the clinical research networks, provide support to both researchers and clinicians to:

  • Develop research ideas into grant applications
  • Navigate the permissions process and beyond
  • Undertake research and recruit participants

We also provide support to local community organisations and CCGs to ensure they fulfil their requirements for supporting research.


Success in Recruitment

Since the inception of the research networks over 50,000 patients have taken part in national portfolio research studies in primary and community care in Norfolk and Suffolk. In 2013/14 alone, primary and community care research accounted for 47% of recruitment in Norfolk and Suffolk.



If you are asked to participate in research please do give serious consideration in saying yes. Participation may have benefits for both yourself and the wider community. There are resources available to help understand what it is like to be involved, such as at the National Institute of Health Research.





If you are interested in taking part in research please ask your local GP

if there are any suitable studies for you, or find local studies using the 'Find a clinical study' NIHR tool or at the UK Clinical Trials Gateway 

 The NIHR and the UNiversity of Leeds have produced this YouTube videoa entit