This study is investigating the use of antibiotics for lower respiratory tract infection in children presenting in primary care.

Although chest infections are one of the most common infections managed in children seen in primary care, there have been no placebo controlled trials to show what effect antibiotics have - in contrast to adults where there is now good trial evidence to show that for most people antibiotics do not work. 
The study will randomise about 1000 children with chest infections presenting in primary care to either get amoxicillin (an antibiotic) or not get amoxicillin for 1 week, and see whether antibiotics make any difference to symptom severity, or the duration of illness. All children will be given advice about using painkillers (and anti-fever medication) and will be followed up carefully during the next month. The study will be large enough to be able to show which, if any, groups of children that GPs currently prescribe for benefit from antibiotics (such as those with fever compared to those with no fever), and which groups do not.

If you and your child are registered at Cromer Group Practice, Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Centre or Roundwell Medical Centre and you are interested in taking part, please speak to your GP.