CANN- Cognitive Ageing Nutrition and Neurogenesis study
The University of East Anglia is seeking participants, aged 55 years or above with some concerns about their memory (but without a diagnosis of dementia), for a study testing if a food containing fatty acids and flavonoids, found in berries, teas, cocoa and citrus fruits, improves brain function (cognition).

In an ageing population dementia, including Alzheimer’s, is rapidly increasing. Nutrition is known to be important for brain function right throughout life. Dietary strategies preserving or even improving memory and cognition would be associated with significant future health, social and economic benefits.
To receive more information about the study, please contact the CANN team by email at: or by telephone at 01603 593767
Expressing an interest does not commit you to taking part in the study!
Practices taking part in this study:
The Humbleyard Practice, Mulbarton