Research glossary

Below is some common research/NHS terminology. If you have an acronym or term which you are unsure of please contact the research office.

ABPI - Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

AHSNAcademic Health Science Networks – organisations whereby the NHS and universities can work with industry, with the goal of improving patient and population health outcomes by translating research into practice

CAG - Confidentiality Advisory Group - for applications for section 251 approval. Formerly know and NIGB (National Information Governance Board)

CCG - Clinical Commissioning Group

CI - Chief Investigator

CIC- Community Interest Company

CRF - Case Report Form

CRN Eastern - Clinical Research Network Eastern - A new local research network which came into being in April 2014, merging the old Norfolk and Suffolk, and West Anglia CLRNs.

CRO - Contract Research Organisation

CSP - Coordinated System for NHS Permission. The system used to obtain NHS permission for national portfolio studies.

CTIMPs - Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products

DH - Department of Health

DPA - Data Protection Act

ECCH – East Coast Community Healthcare CIC

ETC - Excess Treatment Costs

EudraCT - European Clinical Trials Database

GCP - Good Clinical Practice

HEI - Higher Education Instituation

HRA - Health Research Authority

HRC - Honorary Research Contract

HTA - Either Human Tissue Act/Authority (when talking about tissue samples) or Health Technology Assessment (when talking about grant funding)

IB - Investigators Brochure

IMPs - Investigational Medicinal Products

ICF - Informed Consent Form

IP - Intellectual Property

IRAS - Integrated Research Application System

LOA - Letter of Access

MCA - Mental Capacity Act

mCTA - model Clinical Trials Agreement

MHRA - Medicinal and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

MRC - Medical Research Council

National PortfolioStudies on the national portfolio are those which are deemed of national importance to the NHS. They can be non-commercial (project needs to be awarded a grant through a funding body which is open to national competition and applications are peer-reviewed) or commercial (need to have a valid research question with a possible future benefit for patients as its objective).

NCH&C – Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

NICE - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NIHR – National Institute of Health Research – Organisation which is aiming to maintain a health research system in which the NHS supports leading edge health research, focused on the needs of patients and the public.

NIHR ODP – NIHR Open Data Platform – Database where recruitment figures for portfolio studies are uploaded on a weekly basis.

PGfAR - Programme Grants for Applied Research

PHE - Public Health England

PI - Principal Investigator

PIC – Participant Identification Centre – Practices or community teams will help identify and approach patients who are potentially eligible for a study, but recruitment and all other study procedures will be done at another site (commonly an acute Trust).

PIS - Participant Information Sheet

PPIRes – Patient& Public Involvement in Research – A patient group run by the office which provides researchers with the facility to access patient and public involvement.

RCT - Randomised Controlled Trial

REC - Research Ethics Committee

RfPB – Research for Patient Benefit Grant. This is a NIHR grant funding stream which allows funding up to £350k. It is open to national competition and all applications undergo peer review.

RGF - Research Governance Framework

RSI – Research Site Initiative Contract – Practices/Community Teams apply for contracts to undertake research. There are four levels (1, 2, 3, & PA) which bring increasing levels of commitment to research, and increasing levels of funding to the practice.

SAE - Serious Adverse Event

SAR - Serous Adverse Reaction

SSC - Service Support Cost

SSI - Site Specific Information (Form)

SUSAR - Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction

UEA - University of East Anglia

UKCRN - UK Clinical Research Network