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UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research

posted 20 Oct 2017, 06:14 by Gosia Majsak-Newman

New  UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research  replaces former Research Governance Framework  and sets out principles of good practice in the management and conduct of health and social care research in UK. These principles protect and promote the interest of patients, service users and the public in health social care research, by describing ethical conduct and proportionate, assurance-based management of health and social care research, so as to support and facilitate high-quality research in the UK that has the confidence of patients, service users and the public. It is for organisations and individuals that have responsibilities for health and social care research. This includes funders, sponsors, researchers and their employers, research sites and care providers.

Advancing Care - Research with Care Homes

posted 21 Jul 2017, 08:51 by Gosia Majsak-Newman   [ updated 25 Jul 2017, 07:43 ]

NIHR Themed Review Advancing Care - Research with Care Homes, published on 5th July 2017, provides an overview of recent NIHR funded research on improving the health and care of care home residents. The review reports on three themes relating to the care home residents: Living Well, Aging Well and Dying Well, highlighting current research  and exploring new approaches being developed in this important area. The review includes the ongoing Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS) ,sponsored by South Norfolk CCG and led by researchers from the University of East Anglia, looking into the effectiveness of pharmacists independent prescribing in care homes.  The review can be accessed here.  

Research nurse, Sharleen Blundell completes Early Researcher Bursary

posted 28 Apr 2017, 04:39 by Clara Yates

Sharleen Blundell, a research and practice nurse (with a specialist interest in respiratory nursing) with East Coast Community Healthcare and based at the Nelson Medical Practice in Great Yarmouth, has completed a Tier 2 Early Researcher Bursary with the Research Office. 

The Tier 2 Bursary provides funds to buy out clinical time to enable staff to spend one day a week, over 6 months, to learn how to conduct a literature search and to write an evidence review.

Sharleen identified a topic area through her everyday clinical practice. She had noticed that increasing numbers of young people were reporting symptoms of respiratory problems, which are more usually found in older patients who currently or previously smoked tobacco. On questioning the younger patients about their smoking habits it became apparent that many regularly smoked marijuana. Thus, Sharleen was interested to learn more about the current state of the literature and the effects of marijuana smoking on lung function. With support from the Research Development Team, Sharleen completed a literature review and has found that collectively there is some evidence for negative effects of marijuana smoking on lung function. In future Sharleen would like to explore the possibility asking patients about their marijuana smoking alongside the routine question about tobacco smoking.

Suffolk Research Collaboration Event- report published

posted 2 Mar 2017, 03:39 by Clara Yates

A research collaboration event was held in Suffolk in October 2106. The aim was to increase the shared understanding of research currently underway across Suffolk and explore how to can work collaboratively on research to harness benefits for patients and the population of Suffolk.

Representatives from across the healthcare and academic systems in Suffolk were present and we are grateful to all who took part. 

The summary report of the event can be found at the end of this post.

NHS South Norfolk CCG and UEA awarded NIHR research funding

posted 7 Dec 2016, 00:26 by Clara Yates   [ updated 7 Dec 2016, 00:27 ]

NHS South Norfolk CCG has collaborated, via the Research Office, with Professor Nick Steel from the University of East Anglia and have succeeded in winning NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) funding of £242,786. The research will investigate goal setting as part of care planning in primary care. The project, entitled Goal Plan, will run for 21 months from 1 November 2016 in six general practices across Norfolk and Waveney.

A ‘care plan’ is an agreement between a patient and doctor that helps them both to look after the patient’s health from day to day. Goal-setting is a key part of the care plan, and helps the patient and doctor agree what matters most. We want to know if adding more goal-setting into the standard care plan will improve the health of people with more than one medical condition.  However, before we can run a full trial, we need to test the ideas in this small feasibility study. This feasibility study will compare two groups, patients who have standard care planning, and patients who have care planning plus extra goal-setting. The study will involve 3 general practices in the ‘standard care planning’ and another 3 in the ‘care planning plus goal-setting’ arm of the study, with about 60 patients in total. This research will help patients and GPs work together to better meet patients’ needs.

This is independent research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Programme (Grant Reference Number PB-PG-0215-36079). The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR or the Department of Health.

Primary care in the Eastern region tops NIHR Research Activity League Table

posted 26 Oct 2016, 05:26 by Clara Yates   [ updated 26 Oct 2016, 05:41 ]

The 2015/16 NIHR Research Activity League Table was published on 25th October 2016.

The Eastern region has the highest percentage of GP practices taking part in research studies in the country with more than 65% of general practices recruiting participants to research projects. 

Fiona Durban, Chief Operating Officer for CRN Eastern said, “Our GPs can open the door to research for many people. They and our hospital teams have worked incredibly hard to increase the research opportunities for patients and the public across the Eastern region over the last year, and this announcement is testament to their continued efforts.”

Additionally, Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust have increased the number of studies it participates in by 20% and is in the top 10 research active Community Care Trusts nationally.

10 years of NIHR

posted 3 Oct 2016, 07:15 by Clara Yates

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaborations in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) carry out applied health research across the NHS. They are instrumental in translating evidence into improved patient outcomes resulting from effective collaborations between researchers and clinicians.

The NIHR is celebrating  10 years and to celebrate the CLAHRCs have published research highlights, results and impact in practice, spanning a range of disease specialties and topics such as trauma, long term conditions, heart disease, end of life care, prenatal conditions and diabetes.

Download the publication to read about successful projects across the country since NIHR CLAHRC funding began.

UEA researchers awarded £260,000 from Alzheimer's Research UK

posted 26 Sep 2016, 06:23 by Clara Yates

A research team, led by Professor Chris Fox from the University of East Anglia, will benefit from a £260,000 funding boost from the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

The research team will use the funds to look at whether people with dementia who experience a hip fracture have faster decline in memory and thinking over time than those who haven’t had a hip fracture, and investigate the factors behind any link.

Further information can be found on this website:

Dementia evidence toolkit produced to help patients, carers and healthcare staff

posted 5 Aug 2016, 05:55 by Clara Yates

A dementia evidence toolkit providing an online database of over 1200 clinical research studies and summaries of the current evidence has been produced. The toolkit is available at this website:

It will help staff who plan care services and treatment for dementia and their carers to make choices based on the best evidence about which services work and their costs.

The toolkit is the result of research carried out at researchers at the Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics and Political Science (PSSRU at LSE) and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

PRioRiTy: Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials survey.

posted 21 Jul 2016, 07:28 by Clara Yates

PRioRiTy: Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials survey.
The Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network and the James Lind Alliance want to make it easier to do trials. Please help them by completing this survey.

The survey closes on 7th August.

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