Advancing Care - Research with Care Homes

posted 21 Jul 2017, 08:51 by Gosia Majsak-Newman   [ updated 25 Jul 2017, 07:43 ]

NIHR Themed Review Advancing Care - Research with Care Homes, published on 5th July 2017, provides an overview of recent NIHR funded research on improving the health and care of care home residents. The review reports on three themes relating to the care home residents: Living Well, Aging Well and Dying Well, highlighting current research  and exploring new approaches being developed in this important area. The review includes the ongoing Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS) ,sponsored by South Norfolk CCG and led by researchers from the University of East Anglia, looking into the effectiveness of pharmacists independent prescribing in care homes.  The review can be accessed here.