Research nurse, Sharleen Blundell completes Early Researcher Bursary

posted 28 Apr 2017, 04:39 by Clara Yates
Sharleen Blundell, a research and practice nurse (with a specialist interest in respiratory nursing) with East Coast Community Healthcare and based at the Nelson Medical Practice in Great Yarmouth, has completed a Tier 2 Early Researcher Bursary with the Research Office. 

The Tier 2 Bursary provides funds to buy out clinical time to enable staff to spend one day a week, over 6 months, to learn how to conduct a literature search and to write an evidence review.

Sharleen identified a topic area through her everyday clinical practice. She had noticed that increasing numbers of young people were reporting symptoms of respiratory problems, which are more usually found in older patients who currently or previously smoked tobacco. On questioning the younger patients about their smoking habits it became apparent that many regularly smoked marijuana. Thus, Sharleen was interested to learn more about the current state of the literature and the effects of marijuana smoking on lung function. With support from the Research Development Team, Sharleen completed a literature review and has found that collectively there is some evidence for negative effects of marijuana smoking on lung function. In future Sharleen would like to explore the possibility asking patients about their marijuana smoking alongside the routine question about tobacco smoking.