Recruitment performance

The research office monitors all participant recruitment to studies through the NIHR Open Data Platform (ODP), and all data shown below is sourced from there.

 Recruitment in CRN Eastern by NHS organisation

The graph below shows the number of participants recruited to NIHR portfolio research studies in CRN Eastern in  2016/17 and 2017/18.                 This year's recruitment figures  suggest that we are on track to exceed 16/17 recruitment.

Please note: This data is intended to be shared for information purposes only and not to compare recruitment by CCGs or Trusts. Practices within each CCG have a different demographic of patient population and hosted research studies. Practices in some CCGs are undertaking high recruiting studies whereas practices in other CCGs are not.

Currently recruiting studies in Primary and Community Care in Norfolk&Suffolk

The figure below shows cumulative recruitment for ongoing NIHR portfolio studies in 2017/18 (from 1st April 2017 to date).