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Significant Event Audit (SEA)

Can a practice based approach using Significant Event Audit (SEA) identify key factors that might reduce avoidable non-elective hospital admissions

This feasibility study aimed to determine whether SEA could be useful to GP staff in examining patients’ unplanned hospital admissions. The SEA is a type of detailed review of individual case notes of patients by their practice team, used widely in general practice, but not routinely for analysing emergency admissions. 132 SEAs were completed across 20 practices. In 13% of admissions discussed there was something that could have been done differently, but only half (6.5%) were considered avoidable. SEA alone was found not a suitable intervention to reduce admissions in a future randomised trial, however, it is was found a suitable tool for analysing emergency admissions for avoidable factors.
Helen Sutherland,
3 Oct 2016, 07:47