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To explore the factors affecting middle manager's abilities to lead organisational change within current community nursing and therapy services

The aim of this study, undertaken as part of reseracher’s Master’s Degree,  was to identify the prevalence of influential factors on middle managers' abilities to lead organisational change within the context of community nursing and therapy services. The study involved middle managers in those posts that do not have predominantly clinical responsibilities and are employed within Community Nursing and Therapy. 59 eligible participants from one large Community NHS Trust in the East of England were invited to participate, of which 31 completed an online study questionnaire (Survey Monkey).

The results support existing evidence that middle managers leading organisational change are influenced by role clarity, senior management support, peer support, professional development and ownership. This study suggests a new link between ownership and the frequency and methods of senior management support and that inconsistency in methods of senior management support can hinder middle managersleading in change