3C Cough Complications Cohort Study

The study aimed to determine if subsequent diagnosis of pneumonia following presentation in primary care with a cough and a diagnosis of Lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) can be predicted from clinical characteristics and to determine if antibiotic treatment is associated with reduced incidence of adverse outcome.

The study  concluded that prescribing antibiotics to reduce subsequent hospitalisation or death for adults with uncomplicated LRTI cannot be justified - delayed prescription may be preferable since it is associated with reduced re-consultations with worsening illness. Hospitalisation and death is uncommon following LRTI presentation in primary care.  Both immediate or delayed antibiotic halve the incidence of hospitalisation or death but most patients do not need antibiotics as such major adverse events are uncommon. 

The study final report can be accessed below.
Helen Sutherland,
22 Jun 2017, 06:49