Supervised Pharmacy student led medication review in primary care: A pilot study to acertain the potential costs and effects

The purpose of this collaborative study between the NHS Norfolk and the UEA, and a part of the PhD project, was to pilot and feasibility-test supervised final year undergraduate pharmacy student-led medication reviews for patients with type 2 diabetes to enable definitive trial design.

133 eligible participants recruited from five Norfolk GP practices  were randomised to control or usual care. 32 students provided face-to-face consultations under supervision while situated within the patient's medical practice to 58 patients. The intervention was well received and the results demonstrated potential benefits for some outcomes measured including glycated haemoglobin, quality of life and patient satisfaction with information about medicines. The study enabled the design of a future full randomised controlled trial.
Publications resulting from the study can be found  BMJ Open 1 and BMJ Open 2 .