Who we are

We are the Norfolk and Suffolk Primary and Community Care Research Office.

The Research Office supports the strategic and operational development of all aspects of research across Norfolk and Waveney ICB.

The team is focused on embedding a shared culture of research and ensuring that research programmes help address population and health care service challenges.

Over the last 12 years, Norfolk and Waveney has consistently been the most research active primary care region in the UK, with the majority of GP sites and over 82,000 participants involved in research. Sustained investment in research development has delivered more than 18 NIHR grants, including a Programme Grant for Applied Research (CHIPPS).

We are committed to making research central to commissioning decisions, and the work of the research office has broadened to help support the ICB's ability to commission evidence-based care and evaluate service change.

Headshot photo of Dr Clara Yates

Dr Clara Yates

Associate Director of Research


Research Development

Headshot photo of Lisa Osborne

Dr Michael Twigg

Head of Research Design and Evaluation


Lisa Osborne

R&D Business Support


Headshot photo of Dr Vicky Adams
Headshot photo of Lane Binder

Dr Vicky Adams

Research Grants Advisor


Lane Binder

Research Development Officer


Evidence & Evaluations

Dr Rebecca Owens

Research and Evaluation Lead


Emily Frost

Research Evaluations Advisor


Jack Hallworth

Research and Evaluation Officer


Research Management and Finance

Headshot photo of Clare Symms

Clare Symms

Head of Research Management, Finance and PPI


07919 302542

Ria Markwell

Research Officer


Margaret Brown

Research Administrator


Headshot photo of Gosia Majsak-Newman

Aleksandra Zhekova

Research Manager


Gosia Majsak-Newman

Research Officer


07552 008271

Public and Patient Involvement in Research (PPIRes)

Headshot photo of Jacqueline Romero

Jacqueline Romero

PPIRes Project Manager


01603 257009

07799 341259