Tier 1 Bursary

Primary and Community Care Early Researcher Bursary Scheme

Tier 1 is now open for applications

What is the scheme? The Tier 1 Bursary is aimed at those with limited research experience who wish to learn more about research. You may have identified a research area relevant to your clinical practice which you wish to explore but require further research skills to do so. The funds provided by the bursary will allow you to attend a course to gain these skills.

What funds are available? Up to £3,000 is available per applicant. These funds can only be used to cover the costs of providing backfill so the applicant can attend a research-related course. Examples of relevant courses include those in research methods, systematic reviewing, clinical trial design or statistics for healthcare research. The Research Development Team have identified suitable courses listed in the Tier 1 guidance document. The Team will also be able to advise you on the suitability of any course you have identified independently.

How do I apply? Please contact the Research Development Team for details on how to apply: SNCCG.ResearchDevelopment@nhs.net