Contact us

Please find below contact details of members of the Research Office. If you are unsure who to contact, please email our team account at and your query will be forwarded to the most appropriate person.

 A map of where we are located can be found here.

Associate Director of Research

Dr Tracy Shalom
Tel: 01603 257175


Research Development 

Please contact Judy, Clara and Lisa with queries in relation to research design and developing your research idea for grant submission. Lisa also acts as an administrator for Tracy and can be contacted for queries relating to her diary.

Dr Judy Henwood - Research Design Lead
Tel: 01603 257187
Dr Clara Yates - Senior Research and Evaluation Advisor

Tel: 01603 257029

Andy Ross- Research and Evaluation Intern
Tel: 01603 257282
Lisa Osborne - R&D Administrator
Tel: 01603 595847
Jacqueline can be contacted for queries about the Public and Patient Involvement in Research (PPIRes) project.

Jacqueline Romero - PPIRes Project Manager
Tel: 01603 257053

Team Email:

The team can be contacted for queries relating to HRA Approval, submitting amendments, honorary contracts/letters of access and sponsorship queries. They are able to provide advice on using IRAS and general research queries.

Clare Symms - Research Governance and Finance Lead

Tel: 01603 257020

Gosia Majsak-Newman - Research Officer
Tel: 01603 257283
Dr Gisela Perez-Olivas - Research Officer
Tel: 01603 257265
Helen Sutherland -  Research Officer
Tel: 01603 257 083

Julie Braithwaite -  R&D Finance Officer
Tel: 01603 257146
Drusilla Forsdick - R&D Administrator
Tel: 01603 257200

Team Email -

Research Delivery (Norfolk Primary Care)
The clinical studies nurses work on specific research projects and contact details are below. Cliff can be contacted for queries around RSI contracts.
Address: West Pottergate Medical Practice, Earlham Road, Norwich, NR2 4BX
Kate McCloskey - CRN Eastern: Delivery Manager. 
Tel: 01603 272214 or 07917 041226

Sue Allen - Clinical Studies Nurse

 Tel: 07917 041214

Barbara Stewart - Clinical Studies Nurse

 Tel: 07810 377 973

Siobhan Parslow-Williams - Clinical Studies Nurse

Tel: 07771 760241

Kirsti Withington - Clinical Studies Nurse
Tel: 07920 270492

Cliff Cox - RSI Contracts Support Manager

Tel: 07917 041214

Lynne Mather - PCRN Administrator

 Tel: 01603 272 211


Other Organisation Contacts

Lesley can be contacted about any portfolio research to be undertaken in Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust, whilst Helen MacDonald can be contacted for Division 5 primary care network queries for Suffolk.

Lesley Maloney –Research Manager, Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust

Tel: 07825 933519

Helen MacDonald- Research Delivery Manager- CRN Eastern Division 5 Primary Care 

Tel: 01223 725458