Who are the Research Office?

We are the Norfolk and Suffolk Primary and Community Care Research Office.

We work with the NHS, academics, health and social care practitioners and commissioners, patients and the public to develop, manage and support the delivery of healthcare research.

We are part of NHS Norfolk and Waveney CCG; we act on behalf of all the CCGs in Norfolk and Suffolk, Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust (NCH&C) and East Coast Community Health Care CIC (ECCH).

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Coronavirus vaccine research

Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases.

They're designed so they do not give people the infection they're protecting against.

Research into vaccines is the only way to find out which vaccines will work. Researchers need people to take part in their studies so they can find out which possible new vaccine works best.

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Coronavirus (COVID 19)-Guidance for sponsors, sites and researchers

Please be aware that at the current time NHS staff, ourselves included, are being redeployed to support the COVID-19 response.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 led the NHS to suspend many routine clinical services and the NIHR to prepare to support the Government’s research response. Towards the end of April 2020, there were indications that the pressures on the UK health system were easing in respect of COVID-19, and therefore that paused and new NIHR research might gradually resume.

As a result the NIHR issued the NIHR Restart Framework - A Framework for restarting NIHR research activities which have been paused due to COVID-19. This provides a template for the resumption of research activities in a measured way, setting out the key considerations and priorities for the resumption of research activities across organisations. Further information for General Practices can be found here.

Researchers are strongly advised to follow the current HRA guidelines on making changes to a research study to minimise the impact of COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the HRA will not be reviewing applications for individual undergraduate and master’s student projects. This pause on health and social care research for educational purposes has been extended until September 2021. Please read the HRA guidance here.

If you have any queries on the above please contact us via our generic mailbox nwccg.RandDoffice@nhs.net.

For those developing research applications, please be aware that we will have reduced capacity to advise and support. Please continue to email the generic Development email address NWCCG.ResearchDevelopment@nhs.net and we will address your query as soon as we can.

Updated 4th November 2020

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