Applying for funding

Support to design, develop and cost research funding applications

We work to ensure that locally developed research is robust, generalisable throughout the NHS and of benefit to patients.

We provide advice and support to researchers who are designing and developing research applications to peer-reviewed, nationally competitive funding streams.

We can help you by:

    • Identifying the best funding stream for potential research projects and fellowships.

    • Providing NIHR application support.

    • Reviewing your application and providing advice from an NHS perspective.

    • Advising on NHS-related costs of research, and costs attribution using AcoRD.

    • Facilitating feasibility requests to NHS organisations to find out more about your target population.

    • Linking researchers with healthcare practitioners and commissioners to ground research in the day to day activities of the NHS.

    • Advising on appropriate Public and Patient Involvement (PPI), including via the Public and Patient Involvement in Research (PPIRes) project.

    • Administering Research Capability Funding on behalf of the Norfolk and Waveney CCGs.

Please contact Dr Vicky Adams or Lane Binder if you would like any more information.